..but can live on in our hearts and minds!

Back in August I moved to Santa Cruz, CA in pursuit of work. After a gardening/landscaping job that lasted a few months  I eventually made my way to Live Earth Farm in Watsonville to work as their Farm/Garden Assistant. So Wormy Acres was a landscaping service for a bit, and is now on hiatus, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it rises again as some incarnation in the future. Until then, I’ll keep updating my severely neglected Fueled by Veganism blog, so stay tuned over there if you’re interested!


Almost Spring ’11

We’re back this week! You can find fresh veggies (kale, salad mix, chives, chard, etc.)  at Roxanne’s Cafe, the Co-op, and Vraja’s Kitchen in SLO.

Stay Tuned

Taking a winter break. Be back soon!

Almost Winter..

Sorry for the lack of updates! Everything has been going pretty well, slowly and steadily. Hopefully things will pick up a bit more in the Spring but until then you can continue to find fresh WAF veggies at the Co-op and at Vraja’s Kitchen in SLO. Right now we’ve got a lot of kale, eggplant, some tomatoes, parsley, and hopefully some brussel sprouts soon!


The rig is looking a little more put together now with some walls and stainage..

..and an electric motor kit from E+ Electric Bicycles, check those guys out!

Maybe I’ll give a more in-depth review one day, but for now I’ll just say that overall I can do a lot more work with this thing, and faster. It’s definitely got its fair share of unique frustrations, as most electronic devices do, but mostly they’re minor annoyances (which seem to always happen at the worst times, just my luck). The electric motor kit offers a great deal of power, while still allowing for the exercise and enjoyment of a bike ride. Technically it’s a human-electric hybrid, and it really is pretty fun and engaging to feel how much you and the motor can help each other out in different ways.
So that’s the new thing around here, hopefully we’ll start making it to some Farmers Markets soon!

In the meantime we still have some veggies at the Range, Vraja’s, and the Co-op. Right now you should be able to find some combination of summer squash, kale, chard, and kohlrabi at all of those places. Hopefully eggplant, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, cilantro, dill, arugula, and more will all be ready soon!

the New Route 1

The new trailer is working out great! It is much more stable and easy to load. Be sure to check out Tony’s Trailers if you haven’t already!

Here’s a picture of it loaded up it’s first week in use:

I’ve modified my route a bit now that I’m going through Santa Margarita again. I’m calling it Route 1a. I’ve made 1.5 trips with the new trailer so far, about 66 miles total. I made this handy graphic to help illustrate the epicness of the journey:

Coming soon: an electric motor kit for my bike! I’m very excited, hopefully it will make this project much more feasible. Also they are ridiculously fun, another item I strongly believe that everyone should own. More details to come, stay tuned!

Socially Networking

Now we have a profile on Facebook you can like or a Twitter account you can follow, or both! I’ll probably start updating through there mostly now because it seems like that’s where it’s at these days.